A brief description of my current state of mind, and as I believe of many others:

It all started with this video I saw that made me realise the consequences of the so-called fast fashion.


On top of this, these clothes are usually made in terrible working conditions, I think everyone remembers the disaster of the Rana Plaza collapse in 2013.

At the same time I love beautiful clothes, I mean look at these beauties: Dia1

Like many, I go to fast-fashion chains which are full of temptations. However, now I remember the video and my head becomes the stage for a typical devil-angel situation:

Devil: Oh that one little T-shirt will no do harm, and only 6,99 euros, it’s a treat! You will look lovely in it!

Angel: Do you really need this? Think about the terrible conditions this T-shirt was made in. Remember the environment, you do want a better world for your daughter, don’t you?

So I have come to a point were I want to have a more conscious way of dressing, but without giving in on style. In other words, I want to try to reconcile the very impossible: having a nice wardrobe and minimize its environmental and ethical burden.

At the moment I’m reading a lot on this topic and I realize it is even more complex than I imagined, going beyond my poor knowledge of economics, law and politics. What I do understand is that real change can only be obtained on global level and demands willpower of governments and big companies. Here is an interesting read I have found: Conscious consumerism is a lie. Here’s a better way to help save the world. Nevertheless, I’m convinced that small-scale and personal initiatives should not be ignored either as they will make us more conscious about this issue. More people being conscious, more likely change will happen, I believe!

I’ll end here my reflection, but I will keep you updated about my further explorations regarding the fashion industry!




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