One becomes two

A very efficient refashion project: two pieces for the price of one! Starting point was a 100% silk skirt found in Think Twice (second-hand store in Antwerp). The skirt itself was quite horrendous when I tried it on, really not my idea of style. I loved the fabric though!


So I have turned this skirt into one that I do like to wear. This part was easy: I just had to shorten it and take in the seams at the front and the back to make it fit.


Since I had some fabric left, I decided to make a short. Another skirt would have been a mini-mini skirt: not very wearable. I have used a pattern from Aime comme Marie: Aime comme Manège, a high-waisted short.

I started by taking the skirt panels apart to have clean pieces of fabric without seams. These pieces were however not big enough to fit all pattern pieces so I cut the front pattern piece and the waistband in two to make it fit. It’s an « easy » solution for when you want to fit a pattern in small pieces of fabric, you just have to add seam allowance for the seams created by cutting the pattern piece. Of course, you have to make sure that the newly created seam doesn’t look odd when wearing the garment.


After that, I just assembled the pieces as instructed. Concerning the fit, I only had to take in the waistband at the back with 1,5 cm.


I like using second-hand clothes for sewing new ones as it allows you to try new things without feeling guilty when it doesn’t work out. To my happiness, this one worked out quite well though! I’m only a bit disappointed about my invisible zipper, which is not that invisible.



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