Jackie top

This is one of those projects that turned out quite differently as imagined. Let me sketch you what was in my mind: a jumpsuit that was white at the top and abstract-printed at the bottom. I already fantasized how beautiful and stylish it would look!

Then, reality check… I faced too many hurdles during this sewing project, so my amazing jumpsuit has turned into a white top. I also like it this way, even though I have to suppress the feeling I’m ready to board my spacecraft.

Here’s a little description of the journey that has lead to this white top. It all started with the amazing pattern from La République du Chiffon: The Jackie jumpsuit (http://republiqueduchiffon.com). It immediately appealed to me with its simple cut and subtle details that make the difference. It has a nice V-shape in the back and I love the structured sleeves.

For the fabric I chose a white cupro viscose and crepe polyester with abstract black/white print from Bennytex (www.bennytex.fr). Given that the white fabric was a bit transparent I have doubled both the back and front (instead of only the back as instructed). To emphasize the sleeve structure I added piping in the same fabric. I believe, however, there might be an error in the manual regarding the construction of the sleeves.

sleeves Jackie jumpsuit
I believe that the big sleeves should be sewn together on the side opposite to the one indicated in the manual.

After a quick search on the web I found several other with the same issue (www.clopiano.wordpress.com , www.bysandrahand.fr)

Unfortunately I already had finished the top when I found out and, even though I’m a compulsive seam ripper-user, I didn’t change them.


Then it was time to add the bottom part…. I made a test version, which fitted nicely! So I proceeded to sew the pants in my crepe polyester. Soon I realised that my sewing skills fell short as there was this wrinkly effect going on at the seams. Another problem arose as well. While the top and pants fitted nicely separately, the jumpsuit was not so easy to put on. I kind of hoped I could fit in the jumpsuit without having to open the back; this was not true. For others it may be possible but my “derrière” didn’t allow this. So I decided to abandon the idea of a jumpsuit. Indeed, a jumpsuit is already challenging in daily life (I think we all know the bathroom problem) so I don’t want to add to the challenge by sewing a jumpsuit which is not easy to put on.

So here we come to the white top. It took some weeks to reconcile myself with the sleeves’ space effect but when I did it was time to finish. Instead of buttoning the back I just sewed the two parts together. I would have preferred to have the back in one piece as well, but I had to do with what I had already sewn. I also added piping to the lower hem. And voilà!



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