Curtain love

Finding myself in the country of “Brocante” I discovered a world of old-school curtains out there. A few weeks ago I found an amazing embroidered and a less amazing, but having-potential, curtain in Vachères, a very cute little village in the Provence.





Let’s begin with the amazing one. Loving the scalloped embroidery at the bottom, I decided to emphasize that structure by creating a simple white shirt with a surprising back. I used the Jackie pattern from République du Chiffon as starting point.



  • Elongation of the front pattern piece
  • Same elongation of the back pattern pieces and removal of the overlap between these pieces. I laid out these pattern pieces onto the scalloped border in a way that the touching scallops hide my underwear. I followed the scalloped border throughout the back instead of the V-shape of the original pattern.
  • I added sleeves using the same scalloped border. For the pattern it was a bit trial and error, but in the end I managed to obtain the effect I wanted!

For the front I used the non-embroidered part of the curtain, which is very transparent so I underlined this with white cotton voile found at a fabric sale of Agnès B. Overall, it was a great exercise to sew a more difficult fabric. It was particularly challenging with all the fragile embroideries. But I’m pleased with the end result! Especially since I took my time to have nice finishes: French seams, rolled edges at the bottom, bias at the neckline and seams of the armholes/sleeves.




Then there was this 1-euro piece of granny-cloth, which was not that nice, it even had holes in it. Nevertheless I wanted to use it to try out a pattern I drafted myself for a high-waisted simple skirt. For the pattern I based myself on the guidelines from a French website (Coupe Couture) which is full of sewing tips, I believe the lady must be a genius sewer! If you understand French I would check it out!


This project allowed me to practice matching different pattern pieces. However, due to the holes it was a bit of a puzzle and as you can see the sides don’t match completely, but nothing too disturbing. Overall, I’m also pretty pleased how this skirt turned out!

So far for the curtain love, but there is probably more to come since I have at least 3 meters of the first one left!

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