Leopard bling! France Duval Stalla coat from Atelier Scämmit

Presenting you a shiny leopard coat! As horrible it may sound for some of you, for me it’s perfect! I think many friends and family can testify my weakness for animal prints and all things shiny.

It has been a while I have this France Duval Stalla pattern from Atelier Scammit and finally felt enough confident in my sewing to make this coat. It has a kimono design on the front sleeves, without losing the coat’s fitted effect. As mentioned by many other bloggers it is better to sew a size bigger if you want to wear a big sweater underneath!

For the fabric I chose a polyester brocade for the outside, a brown satin cotton for the lining of the bodice and a grey microfiber for the lining of the arms, all from my fabric stash. The brocade is a good example of a fabric that I love but which, I imagine, is not very “sustainable”…


The sewing itself went perfectly thanks to the amazing video in which Johanna from Atelier Scämmit explains very well all the steps (in french). For the pockets I did a trial following her other video, however I never managed to get a nice finishing at the edge of the pocket. Searching the internet I found a tutorial on the website of Deer and Doe which worked perfectly for me. Well, the pockets are not perfect but for a first they are acceptable!


Even though the fabric might be a bit too stiff for this pattern I like my new coat a lot! I have to say I forgot about the eternal sunshine here, so if you are blinded after crossing me in the streets I apologize 😉




Pattern: France Duval Stalla from Ateliers Scämmit in size 36

Modifications: Shortened by 5 cm by cutting the pattern on the waist level (above the pockets) followed by lowering the pockets by 3 cm

Fabric: Polyester brocade, satin cotton and microfiber from Tissus Bennytex



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