Lumberjack meets La Parisienne

It could be the title of a questionable love story but it is my latest refashion that I’m presenting!

3847176552917329686?account_id=1Let’s start with this wool/cashmere shirt and its lovely gold sparkle touches, found at a second-hand store in Antwerp. First, I just wanted to do a classic refashion by taking in the shirt and wear it with my grey jeans, as the colours go great together. Realizing that these beloved jeans are about to crack made me change plans… That’s were the La Parisienne pattern from Louis Antoinette comes in play! It has been a while this dress is eying on me with its chic design, and I will definitely make an elegant version some day, but this time it’s more laid-back.


The bottom part of the dress is free-style trying to get a high-waisted skirt out of my jeans, which thankfully have a great deal of stretch! I proceeded by undoing the leg seams with a seam ripper instead of cutting as I felt that I could use every inch of fabric. Next, I tried different lay-outs on my mannequin (a great gift from Grégoire for my 30th birthday) and finally ended-up with this:

1) Back upper leg    2) Front bottom leg    3) Front upper leg    4) Back bottom leg

For the upper part it was easy: I cut the front pattern piece out of the back of the shirt and the two back pattern pieces out of the front. I tried to match the squares, which I more or less managed but somehow it got lost after sewing the invisible zipper. The sleeves pattern are cut from the original sleeves. For the lining of the dress I used a black microfiber from Tissus Bennytex that I had in stock. 


Next, I just assembled the dress as indicated by Louis Antoinette with no particular difficulties, it’s a pretty straightforward pattern!

Overall, I’m pleased how it turned out, in particular regarding the skirt as I was not sure if I could make it happen with the little fabric I had from my jeans. I’m not convinced though about the upper part of this dress, it feels a bit boxy,  not sure if it’s the pattern or my choice of fabric that gives this effect… Will think about it for a next La Parisienne!





Pattern: La Parisienne from Louis Antoinette in size 36 for the top part

Modifications: Elongation of the top part with 4 cm and I used French seams so in the end the dress is in between a size 34 and 36 (1 cm seam allowance is included in the pattern).

Fabric: Thrifted shirt, old jeans and microfiber from Tissus Bennytex

2 thoughts on “Lumberjack meets La Parisienne

  1. This is a superb refashion, the colours go so well together and looks very professional. I like that you spelled out which parts of the jeans had been used for what. I wouldn’t have known it was a dress, looks so much like a top and skirt combo.


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