Autumn has arrived! Cardigan Bergen from Anne Kerdilès

Loving the summer and not loving winter, I’m happy there’s autumn with its wonderful colours to make the transition bearable! Also it makes a great background to show you my latest make. It’s a light jacket based on the Cardigan Bergen pattern from Anne Kerdilès, a French pattern maker I discovered on Instagram.

Bergen jacket

It has nice details such as these shoulder pleats.


Normally the pattern is destined for a knit fabric but I think it is also possible to use non-stretch fabric, as I did! The fabric is an unexpected find on a local sewing flea market few weekends ago. 8756329698650072498?account_id=1It is a lovely dark green and I wanted to buy a modest two meters of it. To my surprise the lady didn’t sell by the meter and I either had to leave it or take the whole roll… well given her price my decision was quickly made! And even better, I could have a pretty brick colored wool fabric with it, which will become a coat for my mother one day. Unfortunately I don’t know the composition of the green fabric. I searched Google for Modesto Bertotto and it seems to be a company making men’s suits in Italy… I guess it is a wool blend but not sure though. If you know more you can always let me know! Anyway you will see a lot more makes in this fabric as I have quite some spare 🙂




For the pattern I did some slight modifications; making the neckline V-shaped and adding a zipper instead of buttons. To this end, I removed the overlap required for the buttons. Logically you have to modify the front yoke’s size as well. Sadly I did some miscalculations  and the yoke is a bit too long making it wobbly at the bottom. Also, I would advise to leave a big enough margin (1 cm) underneath the zipper to easily sew the yoke onto the jacket, which of course I didn’t do. Luckily, as long as I don’t close the jacket, it is not too noticeable…



Here are some more pictures of the jacket in autumnal scenery!




Pattern: Cardigan Bergen from Anne Kerdilès in size 36

Modifications: French seams (only 1 cm seam allowance is included in the pattern so the jacket is more in between a size 34 and 36), V-shaped neckline and zipper

Fabric and haberdashery: Fabric from flea market and zipper from Mondial Tissus



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