Hacklamode: Alma dress from Louis Antoinette Paris

It’s a bit off-season but here is a new summer outfit! I made this to participate to the sewing contest organised by Louis Antoinette Paris. Usually I really like their patterns but this Alma dress didn’t appeal to me at first… Given the main price I decided it was worth to take the challenge and make something that I would wear; luckily it’s called #hacklamode!


Basically I turned the dress into a T-shirt and skirt, items that are easy to wear and combine with what I have in my closet. The “hack” was pretty easy, for the T-shirt I adapted the upper part of the dress as shown in the image below.

The blue lines are the original pattern and the red lines are the one I made. For the back I didn’t include the part with the buttons. As you can see I made the neckline bigger, I elongated the T-shirt and I added a tie-feature. To finish the neckline I have cut a band in the same jersey (width = 4 cm and length = length of neckline – 2 cm)

For the size I took one size smaller as indicated by the size chart for two reasons: given the stretch it’s better to have it more fitted and I used the ‘overcasting’ stitch of machine which only has 0,5 cm seam allowance (instead of the 1 cm included in the pattern). I added a tie-feature at the front and as you can see I have made a ‘lining’ for this tie to have a nice finishing.


Being very happy to finally master the double-needle sewing technique, I used it to finish everything: the sleeves, the neckline and the bottom hemming!


The skirt is very straightforward: two rectangles made out of the bottom part of the pattern with addition of the side pockets and an elastic waistband.

For the fabric I ordered a grey jersey from Pretty Mercerie. It’s a while their lovely fabrics are eying on me, but I find it tricky to order online because you cannot touch the fabric… So I took a safe bet and ordered the plain jersey and it ended up perfectly for the top, the right amount of fluidity! For the skirt I used a wax fabric that my mother-in-law gave me. Normally I’m not into wax, I like its bold colours and prints on other people but not on me. This wax is pretty sober, however, and I love its colours! Also, I never realised it is called ‘wax’ because it literally is waxed, giving a nice shiny effect that hopefully will stay after several washes…


I think the jury will have a difficult task ahead; there are so many great versions out there! My ‘coups de coeurs’ are the black dress from @creasun_couture and the skirt-top combo from @candijaili_couture. Anyway, if you like my more ‘relaxed’ version you can vote for me but I wouldn’t blame you if you vote for another dress 😉

Pattern: Alma dress from Louis Antoinette Paris in size 34 (you can still download it for free until the 5th of November!)

Modifications: Upper part turned into a T-shirt and bottom part into a skirt

Fabric: Grey jersey from Pretty Mercerie and wax fabric from my mother-in-law




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