Braids, braids, braids

33397586155437097304475649093597159710I made this shirt in summer already but never showed you the details. Having made high-waisted trousers I wanted to combine them with something short, and that’s where I decided to turn this shirt into a cropped top. To start, I took of the sleeves, collar, front pocket and buttons which left me a large bodice to work with. Using my mannequin I modeled the shirt to get the overall fit. It was the first use of this wonderful gift from Grégoire! To get a good shape for the armholes I used the Malia Top pattern from La Maison Victor. To finish, I  experimented with this braided effect I had in my mind for a while. To this end, I made straps that are 4 cm wide and very long (forgot to measure, basically I used up all the remaining fabric) which I sewed together right sides together. After turning, I obtained 1 cm straps which I braided and sewed onto the top by hand. It’s not a quick project so you have to be motivated if you ever decide to do this. Especially turning inside out these long straps is quite challenging for your patience 😉 Also, I was a bit afraid that the braids would lose their aspect after washing. Luckily, they have already withstand several washes so I’m happy with how this turned out!


Details about the white trousers can be found here.
If you look carefully, you can notice that after removal of the front pocket, its placement is still a bit visible, but nothing too disturbing…  Let’s say it’s the charm of refashioned clothes 😉




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