Give me a kiss


This refashion was very basic: turning an old men’s T-shirt into one for me using the Odette pattern from La Maison Victor. I traced size 36 and used it without adding seam allowances (normally you should add seam allowances with La Maison Victor patterns). The shortened pattern fitted onto the old T-shirt bodice and there was fabric left to finish the sleeves and the neckline. The bottom hem is the original one.

To embroider the pearls I first made a string of pearls which I then sewed onto the drawing I drafted on the T-shirt.

To uplift this basic light grey T-shirt I embroidered black pearls. Since I don’t know how to do embroidery I wanted some easy lines and that’s where I ended up with this simplified kiss!

Street-art in Portugal a few years ago, which gave me the inspiration to start with!


Pattern: Odette T-shirt from La Maison Victor in size 36 without seam allowances

Modifications: Shortened compared to the original pattern (due to fabric limitation 🙂 )

Fabric: Old T-shirt

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