Growing up


We all have that item sleeping in our closet. Even though we know that we will never wear it again it is difficult to separate ourselves from it. I used to wear this skirt a lot starting university but the last couple of years I felt more like a twelve-year-old in it instead of the grown-up I am (more or less). However, I couldn’t bear the thought of giving the skirt away so I decided to remake it into a sleeker version!


Almost each refashion project I start by disassembling the garment using my precious seam ripper. It takes more time than just cutting it up with scissors but you’re left with better pieces of fabric to work with. This skirt gave me two big rectangles, which was very easily turned into a more fitted skirt. I used the same pattern that I drafted for my granny skirt this summer with the front pleats sewn together like darts. However, this would give me a pretty plain skirt… luckily I had some fabric left! First I wanted to add some ruffles but somehow I felt this would turn it again into a twelve-year-old skirt. That’s where I came up with this simple design. It’s very easy as you can see in the scheme below! All you need is a straight skirt pattern (I drafted one myself but the Aime comme Mini from Aime comme Marie looks like a good one!) and the following modifications:


  1. Cut out two rectangles, sew each rectangle together on the long side and turn inside out.
  2. Gather one side.
  3. Sew these rectangles on your front skirt panel with the gathered side in the middle.
  4. Cut the excess fabric and finish the edges of your front skirt2539295118955591441
  5. Prepare the waistband: sew a rectangle onto the waistband covering the two gathered rectangles on the front panel. This gives a little ‘bow’ effect. I think the effect would be more striking with a bigger waistband but I was a bit limited in my fabric.5609990754029484818
  6. Assemble the skirt and done!




To finish the skirt, I recuperated the lining and zipper, and I used plaine brown cotton to solidify the waistband. Being a bit limited in fabric I didn’t kept the original hem, but you can still see the imprint of the original hem. Hopefully after a few washes and ironing it will fade!



Pattern: self drafted

Fabric: old favorite skirt

Haberdashery: invisible zipper recuperated from skirt, thread bought at local store (not everything can be recuperated 🙂 )

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