Relax in Fusain: part two

As you shouldn’t deprive yourself from the good things in life I made myself another pair of sweatpants in disguise! The modifications are the same as I did before except for the back pockets. After analysis of some store-bought trousers I realised that the back pockets are often fake. So I decided to make fake ones as well to avoid the lining of the pockets to be seen on the back.


The fabric was found on the market in Aix (the stand never came back unfortunately) and has a lovely drape. And bonus it doesn’t’ wrinkle! That said it must probably be something polyester… not the most environmental-friendly fabric out there :/ But it saves a lot of ironing! 🙂



The shirt is made from the same curtain I used for my open-back shirt.


Pattern: Pantalon Fusain from Blousette Rose in size 1 (I cut the pattern on size 3, which more or less corresponds to a size 1 as seam allowances are not included)

Modifications: I suppressed the button-fly and folds from the front pattern pieces. I made 1 cm folds on the back pattern pieces, and replaced the waistband with a larger elastic one (I used and elastic with a width of 4 cm). I also made fake back pockets instead of the real one indicated by the pattern. 

Fabric: Wrinkle-free fabric from a local market

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