Warm winter coat


We have to face it: summer is not near… So a warm coat was needed to bear these few grim months that are January and February. As I returned to Antwerp for Christmas, I had the chance to go to my favourite second-hand store there: Think Twice. And it was worth it; I found a lot of treasures, of which one was this huge and very warm coat! I immediately fell in love with the colour, it’s like a non-colour which I like a lot as it is versatile and easy to wear. Also, the wool was pretty and it had some nice embroidered details on the sleeves. However, it was clear it needed some adaptations to fit my small stature. First of all, it needed shortening and taking in the sides, the shoulders and the sleeves.

To be able to do this I had to take the whole coat apart, lining included, and sew everything together again. It was basically sewing a whole new coat again! During the process I also decided to change the collar, to make it less heavy and sleeker… And as a final touch, some silver beading to enlighten the embroidery and addition of silver buttons!


It makes it chic, doesn’t it? 🙂



PS: It might look that I abandoned a bit this site… but it is because I’m thinking to change it up a bit (another layout, making it bilingual as I am living in France, and some other things as well) and I do have spent a lot of time sewing 🙂

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