Tulip skirt


Time to show you my tulip skirt! It’s made from a big pair of thrifted trousers so it was not so challenging given that there was quite some fabric to work with. Nevertheless, I used up every inch! I wanted to try out this idea where there is some three-dimensional tulip effect at the front. I’m still mitigated, as the front panels are a bit strange while moving but standing still it looks nice! Also, in the beginning I didn’t attach the panels to the bottom hem of the skirt, which was better. However, the original skirt was too long and I shortened it the easy way by cutting and hemming, panels included – maybe should not have done that 🙂

The panels are interfaced with a silk-cotton blend from Tissus Bennytex and the skirt is lined with the same fabric. The invisible zipper was recuperated from the original trousers.


Overall, I’m not sure if the skirt will get a lot of wear which is a pity but as I like to try out new designs I’m pretty satisfied though 🙂 It’s also one of the reasons why I like to use second-hand clothing to experiment, it makes me feel less guilty if it doesn’t turned out great. At least no new fabric has gone to waste!


Pattern: home made

Fabric: green polyester with a wild silk effect from thrifted trousers and brown silk-cotton blend from Tissus Bennytex

Haberdashery: invisible zipper from the same trousers.

4 thoughts on “Tulip skirt

  1. Hi Charlotte, I love your creativity with the thrifted clothing, really. Its so great to see them being given a new lease on life and that you put so much effort into thinking what the design should be and how you could make it look. I love this tulip skirt, and I hope you will learn to love it! Maybe you could stitch down the front panels permanently if you don’t like them flapping around? Kate x


    1. Happy to hear you like my sewing with thrifted clothing! I was also thinking to stitch the panels down, it will lose a bit of it’s effect but I might wear it more often which is of course better in the end 🙂:)

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