Plumtilab and the Terebell overalls

I admit, I kind of abandoned this site – apart from the occasional picture – but here is a new post!

Basically it is a year ago I bought my sewing machine and started this journey that I never imagined to become such a big part of my life: sewing! I’m at a point where I can make wearable clothes, even though I realize I still have a lot – and I mean a lot – to learn. Just to say I was pretty surprised when Chloé from Plumtilab asked me whether I was interested in testing her first pattern. And I’m happy I said yes since it was a very nice experience! It is interesting to see all the work and testing it takes before a pattern comes alive.

What is Plumtilab?

Well, it’s a new (French) pattern brand created by Chloé and her first pattern has been released: the Terebell overall! Not only was I surprised when Chloé asked me to be part of her testing team, the Plumtibees, but also when I discovered the first pattern are overalls… something I never imagined myself wearing again after my teenage years. But, well, here I am! Luckily these ones are feminine and rather figure-hugging. IMG_0482.jpg The latter aspect was a bit frightening but with good stretch fabric it goes well (best you use fabric with 30-40% stretch). And the best part of it all, you even don’t have to wear it as overalls if you’re not in the mood: just unzip the upper part and you’re ready to go with your high-waisted trousers.

IMG_0520Another option is to wear the high-waisted trousers with suspenders, which I didn’t include but you can check the versions by the other Plumtibees (chacha_lala_). To attach the suspenders I used push-buttons to keep a more clean and polished look. If you use normal buttons you just have to add buttons on the front waistband  and buttonholes on the suspenders to include the trousers-suspenders option. In retrospect, I better used normal buttons since the push-buttons have the tendency to detach when doing big movements.


The pattern itself is well drafted and the instructions are clear (in French though). You just have to be patient as it contains a lot of pieces. And you have to love topstitching! A tricky part is the zipper since you cannot find a separable zipper in stores (or at least I didn’t) and you have to adjust the zipper to fit. Luckily Chloé has added a little tutorial on her site to do this. The overalls themselves are very nicely designed but I have to admit that they’re not every-day wear for me. I really have to be in the mood to wear these figure-hugging clothes. Feeling bloated, for instance, is not a good mood 🙂 For the side pockets, I would advice to use a lining in similar colors as I noticed that the pockets’ inside can be visible during wear. Overall, I’m very proud of these overalls, especially of all the finishing and topstitching: they’re the final touches that make all the difference!

IMG_0507IMG_0517This testing experience has made me look forward to the next pattern!!

Side note: I took me a while before I realized there is a little pun in Terebell or T’es rebelle – You’re a rebel! But it’s a pun unintended: it’s actually a name of a star which fits very well the universe of Plumtilab.

Extra side note in French: Je sais que cet article sera mieux en Français vu que l’univers Plumtilab et ses patrons sont en Français mais je n’ai pas encore le courage pour cela. Déjà l’Anglais me demande de l’effort quand même pour écrire sans fautes. En tout cas il y a toujours Google Translate pour cet article 🙂


Pattern: Terebell overalls from Plumtilab

Modifications: None, I followed the pattern and sewed a size 36 according to the table of measurements. Since it’s a tight model I suggest to sew a bigger size if you don’t want the figure-hugging effect.

Fabric and haberdashery: Fabric is denim thrifted at Emmäus. It’s important that your fabric is stretchy enough. The buttons and zip-fly are bought at a local shop (Au Bonheur des Dames in Aix-en-Provence).

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