Caroline’s dress

It’s been a while I wanted to make something for my sister. Exigent as she is it was a real challenge 🙂 She wanted a dress with an open back that’s easy to wear. I don’t know about you but even though I love open back dresses, often they’re not very practical in real life. Especially if you don’t want any bra-showing going on. 


To meet my sister’s wishes, I decided to make a dress that is knotted at the back, making sure that the knot falls just at the level of the bra-strap. The dress also looks like it’s two separate pieces: a crop top with a skirt. However, in front, the top part is attached to the bottom part to give this cropped top effect without showing tummy.

IMG_1202The pattern I made myself based on my sisters measurements and a simple shirt pattern but I think it’s easy to recreate. Basically you can take any shirt pattern that you like (I used the Odette T-shirt from La Maison Victor) and draft two ties at the back. It’s important to draw these ties so that the knot falls at the level of the bra strap! The top part is fully lined to have a nice finish at the back, and to attach the shirt part onto the skirt part using the lining at the front. The skirt part consists of two simple straight rectangles (with a width that corresponds to the largest part of the hips + some ease) and an elastic waistband. 


For the fabric…  it’s made from two cotton scarfs that I found in sales at a local store where I just wanted to buy thread (Eurodif for the French out there 🙂 ). It’s probably not the most sustainable fabric but I couldn’t resist when I saw them. Even though I’m pretty conscious about sewing -mostly doing recycling/upcycling- sometimes I like to sew from scratch using ‘new’ fabric. Especially if it gives a garment that will be loved and worn, or at least I hope so 😉 


And these scarves were the perfect lightweight fabric for this summer-dress! And I think my sister is happy with it!


2 thoughts on “Caroline’s dress

  1. It looks lovely! I really like the knot at the back, and you would have needed a lot of patience and time to do the pattern and make the adjustments. I am sure she will wear it and love it (and if she doesn’t, someone like me will have it 😉


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